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Welcome To Asia

Welcome to the Asian Kitchen

sN' Asian Kitchen once upon a time known as Simply Noodles, was first developed in 1997, Melbourne, Australia. Our concept encompasses the harmony of living well and eating great. With this in mind, we did jumping jacks in Tokyo, ran around the Great Wall, rode endless buses in Vietnam, got lost in Malaysia, bought a fake Rolex in Thailand, and in Singapore ~ we just ate too much. In our travels, our adventures helped us to develope our mission statement, which is "back to basics". It is an idea to enlighten modern cooking with the foundation of healthy meals, with no fries on the side.

Our menu is a balance between the Ying and the Yang of Flavor and Health, we call it Asian Fusion. We simply don't add chemical tenderizers or flavor enhancers. Instead we use top quality products and all natural fresh ingredients. Our menu encompasses the best selections of the Asian Pacific Rim culinary arts, and that is what keeps our customers coming back again and again!

We specialize in a variety of noodles, rice, and low-carb alternatives.

"Come, experience, & enjoy! - simply different!"

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